Catering can be fun.

Here at Cheffie’s Cafe, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have healthy food options for anyone and everyone regardless of dietary restrictions. Wouldn’t you like to take that kind of culinary freedom to your office or to your next event? We would love for you to, and we are more than happy to  give you options that suit your needs.

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If you want to make an impression at your next event or gathering, consult our catering menu to see the multitude of options we have available. We can do something as simple as put together convenient box lunches with our signature sandwiches or we could go big with our build-your-own salad bar. The choice is up to you and we are able to individualize your order to make everything simple for you.

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The thing that sets our catering apart is the care in which we take to prepare your order specifically for you. Chains can’t and won’t take the time to make you feel special, so we make a point to do just that.

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Our specialty trays are also a wonderful option because they are handcrafted into sandwiches or pinwheels to give your guests opportunity to decide what suits their needs best. We are happy to help you customize your trays or box lunches in any way you think works for your event or gathering.

Take our catering options with you to  Live at the Garden shows, free concerts at the Levitt Shell, and numerous outdoor sporting events. Our food goes where you go.

Let us know how we can help you!


Spring is HERE!

Spring is easily one of our favorite times of year at Cheffie’s Cafe. The flowers in High Point Terrace are vibrant and the families we enjoy serving are riding their bikes or walking everywhere on foot to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Other than the scenery that our neighborhood provides, we are also very proud to say that your neighborhood cafe is a block north of the Shelby Farms Greenline.


The Greenline is a place for sun-starved Memphians to enjoy the sunshine and to get some exercise during their hectic days. Here at Cheffie’s Cafe, we know how important this staple of the community is and we like to encourage all of our guests to take advantage of it.

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After you get done enjoying your free time out on the trail, drop by your neighborhood cafe on the corner of High Point Terrace and Philwood Avenue to fuel your body for more fun in the outdoors. We would love to offer you refreshing pomegranate tea or one of our signature menu items packed with fresh, hearty ingredients to undoubtedly soothe your body after all the activities.


Now go outside and enjoy yourself! We’ll see you later :)


Wine Down on Wednesdays with your Neighborhood Manager!

We are pleased to introduce our new manager at Cheffie’s Cafe!

Michael Pittman, a longstanding employee of the Swanky’s Taco Shop & Cheffie’s Cafe family, wants nothing more than to empower his staff, as well as make every single guest feel welcome in his restaurant.

Not only is Michael an avid Tigers fan, he’s a firm believer in the importance of locally owned establishments.

“I take pride in the fact that I get to work for a locally owned company,” says Michael. “I feel challenged and motivated every day and I can’t wait to see what I am able to accomplish with my staff for this awesome neighborhood. Excited is an understatement!”

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Michael wants to get to know you and the neighborhood a little bit better. We’re asking you to join us for Wine Down Wednesdays at Cheffie’s, for $2 off all wines every week. Get a glass (or bottle) of wine and chat with your neighborhood manager about his plans for the restaurant, as well as his thoughts about the community.


We offer both reds and whites to complement our expansive menu. Come in and check us out!

- Cheffie’s

5 reasons to eat local

Cheffie’s Cafe has been locally owned and operated in the High Point Terrace neighborhood since March 2011.

Being local definitely has its perks: we get to be in the center of a lively neighborhood with some awesome people and pets, we’re a block North of the Greenline, and we get to spend our days preparing unique meals for our community. We provide tons of fresh ingredients and a family-friendly environment that the big chains just can’t compete with.

These all sound like appealing reasons to eat local, but why should YOU eat local?

1. Local shops value you more. We value every single person who walks in the door, which is why we provide the most unique dining experience possible for each guest. We encourage everyone to “Be the Chef” so that they can customize their meals exactly the way they want to.


2. It’s convenient. It is SO much easier and cost efficient for your family to walk or ride bikes to our convenient location located on the corner of High Point Terrace and Philwood Avenue.  You’re going to get fresh, hearty ingredients that will more than fill you up for the ride back to the house.


3. Customer service is better. Cheffie’s CARES about you and your experience at our restaurant. We are here to help you build your dream meal every time you walk in the door: and we do it with a smile.


4. Local gives back to YOUR community. We use your patronage to help give back to our community. Cheffie’s actively participates in local charitable events every year, such as Cirque du CMOM and the MS Brew Movement (shown below), as well as community initiatives in High Point Terrace. 


5. Shopping local creates jobs. By being locally owned, Cheffie’s gets to work one on one with our local staff to create the best working environment available.


Are there any other reasons that you choose to eat local? Let us know! We are always looking to find out why our guests enjoy us and what we can do better to make Cheffie’s your first stop.

- cheffie’s

The Southern Vegetarian Book Signing

We have an exciting new event coming up at Cheffie’s Cafe this Friday, June 14th. Local husband and wife duo Justin Fox Burks and Amy Lawrence will be on hand to sign copies of their new cookbook: The Southern Vegetarian (100 Down-Home Recipes for the Modern Table)If you’ve never checked out their blog, The Chubby Vegetarian, go on over and check it out! They feature some great recipes that can make anyone happy to eat their veggies.


Join us on your lunch break this Friday, anytime between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm, to meet these two great local authors and get your copy of The Southern Vegetarian signed. They’ll also be on hand to answer any questions you may have!


In addition to the book signing, Just and Amy will be preparing two special sandwiches from their cookbook that Cheffie’s will have available…just for the day. First up, the delectable lemon zest and thyme pimento cheese sandwich.


We’ll also have Justin and Amy’s take on the classic B.L.T. with their delicious smoked coconut bacon B.L.T. sandwich. Are you hungry, yet?


Have you bought your Dad a gift for Father’s Day this Sunday? Considering this cookbook is probably the manliest vegetarian cookbook you’ll ever set your sights on, Dad will LOVE it. Plus, it’ll help him eat his vegetables! Win, win.

Also, we’ll be giving away a $20 Cheffie’s Gift Certificate to one lucky Cheffie’s guest at 12:00 pm. So, if you’re planning on eating out for lunch this Friday, head on over to High Point Terrace and enjoy your meal while checking out Justin and Amy’s new vegetarian cookbook.

We’ll see you soon.

- cheffie’s cafe

Memphis Trivia Night

This week, we’re switching it up a little. Rather than featuring another signature salad or sandwich this week, we’re highlighting one of the new events at Cheffie’s Cafe this summer.


Looking for a new location in Memphis for Live Team Trivia? Cheffie’s Cafe in east Memphis will now be holding live team trivia every Thursday, starting at 7:00 pm. There will be Cheffie’s gift certificates awarded to the top three teams, so bring a team and win some green! And be sure to check Memphis Trivia’s Facebook page here each week for hints at that night’s trivia questions.

Here’s a sneak peek at tonight’s hints:

  1. SAGE acronym
  2. Shakespeare’s “Thane of Glamis”

And, just in time for Trivia tonight, we’ve rearranged some of the seating in the restaurant by adding in new seating right up front.


Now you can dine with a view! So…tonight. Get together some friends. Choose a great team name (the more creative, the better). Play some trivia. Win some Cheffie’s.

See you at 7:00 pm!

- cheffie’s cafe

Memphis Lunch: crunchy roast beef sandwich

Welcome to this week’s menu highlight from Cheffie’s Cafe. If you missed the previous posts, click here for the tuscan chicken sandwich, here for the house salad, here for the club sandwich and here for the greek salad.

Now, on to today’s selection. If you’re looking for a hearty and filling Memphis lunch idea, Cheffie’s crunchy roast beef sandwich is the way to go.


The first step to building this delicious signature sandwich is to choose your bread: artisan wheat, artisan white, multigrain, soft white or ciabatta roll (shown here). Once your favorite bread’s been selected, we start off with a layer of fresh, crisp, leaf lettuce before piling on Boar’s Head roast beef, cheddar cheese, sliced tomatoes, red onion and Cheffie’s homemade horseradish schmear.


Then—what makes this signature sandwich so special—we top it off with a crunchy layer of  French’s® french fried onions.


What better way to enjoy a hearty roast beef sandwich?

To visit our website for a full menu, click here. Or, you can download a printable PDF version of our menu by clicking here.

Next time you’re in the mood for some classic roast beef in Memphis, stop by Cheffie’s Cafe in High Point Terrace and add a little crunch to your meal with our signature crunchy roast beef sandwich.

See you soon.

- cheffie’s cafe

Memphis Lunch: greek salad

First, we’d like to begin this post by saying Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day to all the hard working admins out there! Offices wouldn’t run without you.

This week, we’re continuing our journey of exploring our favorite signature sandwiches and salads from Cheffie’s menu. If you missed the previous three posts, click here for the tuscan chicken sandwich, click here for the house salad and click here for the club sandwich.

Today’s menu highlight is another great healthy Memphis lunch option: Cheffie’s greek salad.


Starting with a bed of fresh mixed greens, we then load up our signature greek salad with cherry tomatoes, red & green bell peppers, sliced cucumbers, red onions, kalamata olives and feta cheese before topping everything off with our house made lemon vinaigrette dressing. You then have the option to have your salad tossed or chopped, depending on your preferred salad style.


Cheffie’s Greek Salad also happens to be one of our most popular vegetarian menu choices. It is also a part of our gluten-limited* menu selection. To visit our website for a full menu, click here. Or, you can download a printable PDF version of our menu by clicking here.

As summer gears up, don’t forget to stop off the Memphis Greenline at High Point Terrace for some great sandwiches and salads at Cheffie’s Cafe.

And, again, we hope every Administrative Professional feels appreciated and loved today!

See you soon.

- cheffie’s cafe

*Cheffie’s menu is diverse and contains a wide variety of foods, many of which contain gluten. While we have carefully made every effort to avoid cross-contact between gluten-limited items and other items on our menu, we cannot guarantee that cross-contact with other foods will not occur during production.

Memphis Lunch: Club Sandwich

Over the past two weeks, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite signature sandwiches and salads from Cheffie’s menu. If you missed these previous two posts, click here for the tuscan chicken sandwich, then click here for the house salad.

This week, we’re continuing down the menu for another great Memphis lunch offering (works well for dinner, too!). Who doesn’t enjoy a good club sandwich?


Starting off with Boar’s Head premium deli ham and oven roasted turkey, we then dress this sandwich up with applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and Cheffie’s own homemade honey mustard dressing. These fresh, tasty ingredients are piled between two bread slices of your choice: artisan wheat, artisan white (shown), multigrain, soft white or ciabatta roll. You can even choose to have it grilled on our panini press. Pair with chips (above) or our homemade pasta salad (below) for a refreshing Memphis lunch.


To visit our website for a full menu, click here. Or, you can download a printable PDF version of our menu by clicking here.

Memphis is in for some pretty great weather this weekend. So, if you happen to be out enjoying the sun or riding your bike on the Greenline, be sure to stop off at High Point Terrace for some lunch at Cheffie’s Cafe.

See you soon.

- cheffie’s cafe

PS – If you’re in the mood for some Crawfish in Memphis this Saturday, April 20th, we hear our friends over at Swanky’s Taco Shop are having their premiere Crawfish Boil. You can check it out here.

Memphis Salads & Patios

Last week, we talked about letting Cheffie’s Café be your new go-to lunch destination in Memphis. If you missed that post, you can view it by clicking here.

From Cheffie’s long list of signature sandwiches and salads, we highlighted the tuscan chicken sandwich last week. This week, we would like to introduce you to two things. Our signature house salad and our amazing Memphis patio.

First up today: Cheffie’s house salad.


Starting with a foundation of fresh mixed greens, we add in dried cranberries, red onion, candied Mississippi pecans and feta cheese before topping it off with our delicious, homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing.


The house salad serves as both a vegetarian and gluten-limited menu option. It’s also one of our most basic—yet tastiest—salads, with the dried cranberries adding in the perfect summertime flavor.

You know what else is great for summertime? How about a little al fresco dining?


Cheffie’s is proud to be the home of one of the best outdoor patios in East Memphis. The expansive wood deck with plenty of seating even boasts three large, flat screen TV’s—so you won’t miss a minute of that game while out enjoying some beautiful weather.


Instead of bulldozing the beautiful trees lining the side of the restaurant, we used them to our advantage by building our patio and seating around them. Now they provide some much needed natural shade to the patio seating area. It’s a great place in Memphis to either sit and watch a game, catch up with friends or enjoy a cup of gelato.


To visit our website for a full menu, click here. Or, you can download a printable PDF version of our menu by clicking here.

So, next time you get hungry while out on the Greenline, stop off at High Point Terrace and ride/walk/run down to Cheffie’s Café. Our salads and patio will be waiting!

- cheffie’s café