March Madness Bracket Challenge…WINNER!!

Welcome to our FINAL March Madness Bracket Challenge Update! Last night gave us an exciting game and we really thought Kansas might pull it out in the end. Though, Kentucky was just too strong. So, congratulations to Calipari and Kentucky on their NCAA Basketball Championship (and, yes, as Memphis fans, that was really hard to say).

Before we announce Cheffie’s Bracket Challenge Winners, we would like to thank all of you for participating in our first year of March Madness at Cheffie’s Café. Thanks for entering the contest. Thanks for watching the games on our TVs. Thanks for supporting Cheffie’s! We couldn’t do this without you all…and we can’t WAIT until next year!

With that said, I’m sure you’re anxious to hear who won the contest. Drumroll, please…

We actually had a tie for second place, coming in at 84 points. The two lucky contestants also happened to guess the SAME final score for the game, which was our first tiebreaker. That means we had to break out the ole coin toss. With a little help from our Manager, Drew, we flipped to determine second and third place. So, without further adieu, our third place winner is…Sampy Wright! Congratulations, Sampy, on your $50 Cheffie’s Gift Certificate!

Winning the coin toss and taking second place, we have…Kennon Vaughan! Congrats, Kennon, on your $75 Cheffie’s Gift Certificate!

And, our winner…who’s had a hold on the lead for quite some time now…a good bit ahead of the competition with a total of 93 points…our winner is…Gene Archer! Congrats, Gene, on your $100 Cheffie’s Gift Certificate!

It was a tight competition and we wish we could give everyone a prize! Thanks again for joining us during March Madness this year. We appreciate all of your support and hope to make it even bigger next year!

Congratulations, again, to all the winners. You will be receiving an e-mail or phone call tomorrow with details on when and where you can pick up your Cheffie’s gift certificates.

With March Madness over, we have Cheffie’s One Year Anniversary to look forward to at the end of this month. So, stay tuned for details!

– Cheffie’s Café

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